♡ Major Crush ♡

by Cupid McCoy

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"Dream pop may be a solid sonic identifier for the sparse, airy effervescence that shimmers throughout the album’s eight tracks – but the forlornness coloring McCoy’s storytelling builds a sharp, unexpected contrast with the congenial instrumentation, imbuing Major Crush with a quiet thoughtfulness." - Gold Flake Paint

"Are we going to prom or to hell?" - Winona Ryder


released March 31, 2017

mixing/mastering: Taylor Noll
additional vox: Zoe Kinney, Chyanne Oestreich
all songs written by Cupid McCoy except Puppy Love, written by Paul Anka.

there are so many lovely hearts that helped me along the way in the process of putting this album together. thank you so much for Chris, Allie, and Brian for making music that inspired me to start this. Thank you Chyanne for encouraging me every step of the way and driving us to most of the shows ♡ , thank you Manny for inspiring me via Citrus City, thanks everyone who has ever booked me in richmond, charlottesville and williamsburg, and a big thank you to my childhood violin teacher Ms. Black, you made me fall in love with music and I haven't shaken that feeling since



all rights reserved


Cupid McCoy Richmond, Virginia

if stormy from pusheen made dream-pop


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Track Name: ☼ Summer Sweethearts ☼

its already june, and you're waiting tables
I'm running food in your dads restaurant
you're the only girl I've kissed this summer
wish this could go on at least till fall

Oh let's be summer sweethearts
we'll seal it with flower crowns
Oh let's be summer sweethearts

We think up what would it had of been like Gone to prom our senior year
gee we would have looked to good you tell me
as you blow a smoke ring to the stars

o let's be summer sweethearts
then you'll go back north and I'll go south
Oh let's just be summer sweethearts

just for now

running fingers through your pink hair
you kissed my neck,
and that hickey lasted all summer
Track Name: Cherry Tree // Cerisier
Cherry Tree // Shaky Knees

under the
cherry tree
that’s where
you’ll find me

Away from all these problems and twigs that find their way in my hair
I've just had enough of all the looks and glares
Lead me to some place that doesn't leave me with shaky knees
Take me to some place where I can relax like the cherry cherry tree

and we met up with your new friends,
and y’all shared a joke,
and i laughed along,
You seem to like these folk
and from somewhere deep inside me grew a suspicion
that these new friends of yours might just be replacements

But what do you expect from another dimwitted bird
humming a hapless tune, all to myself
what can you expect from just a bird
in search of some solid ground
Track Name: Puppy Love
And they called it puppy love
Oh, I guess they'll never know
How a young heart really feels
And why I love her so

And they called it puppy love
Just because we're in our teens
Tell them all it isn't fair
To take away my only dream

I cry each night my tears for you
My tears are all in vain
I'll hope and I'll pray that maybe someday
You'll be back in my arms once again

Someone, help me, help me, help me please
Is the answer up above
How can I, how can I tell them
This is not a puppy love
Track Name: Interlude // Dead Flowers
I woke up with scratches on my feet
I woke up with poppy seeds in my teeth

woke up with blood in my mouth
to the smell of that vase of flowers
as i passed away the hours

read the day away
under magnolia cover

looking up your natal chart
seeing who’s a perfect match for me
are the sun and moon in alignment

and the velvet rut starts to run its course
red locks of tussled hair rush through my fingers
and my mind

a flutter of winged eyelashes
“you’ll never be mine”
Track Name: Orange Jubilee
smudge marks on an empty canvass
coffee stains the hardwood floors
marlboro ash mounds terrace windows
towels stuck under hallway doors

cuties crammed in paper bags
red lights cake and major bummers
bike rides through the fan and oregon
plans we planned to make for summer

and i left and i took my ambition along
and you left and put your ambition to song
now you're on stage fans in pocket for hours
living our dreams while i'm taking long showers

decorating for the parties,
records falling off the wall
mad dog stickers mirrors in bathroom
pizza’s endless beck and call

unwound cassettes round the banister
Jodorowsky cast on makeshift screens
votive candles spent in foyers
drunk as hell on halloween
Track Name: Cross the Line
do you want to cross the line
do you want to go further this time

hey i know we just met the other day
how was Italy, I never heard you say
what do you say to next friday, Musée Fabre?

i wanna hear those words
roll off your tongue
hmmm, i wanna see that shirt
roll of your shoulder

do you want to cross the line
do you want to go further this time
i can see it in your eyes
you’ve got that knowing smile in your eyes

do you want to go to the movies
do you want to hold hands
can i put my head on your shoulder
what’s the line after friends

so you want to cross the line
so you want to go further this time
i can see it in your eyes
you’d got that old look in your eyes
Track Name: Outro (ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ)
looking back on memories with friends, family,
while away for an extended period of time can be hard
faces laughs stances glares
they all shine brighter in your memories and make your heart ache to see them again
and sure enough, you know that when your journey is done
you can return to the castle of relationships and connections
that shaped you and made you who you where


those bonds formed during your
sabbatical holiday journey vacation
those provisional nests that rendered you skeptical at first
but soon grew to be just as pivotal
those bodies with whom you shared such intimate moments
climbing a mountain
playing chess in a coffeeshop basement
meeting someones significant other

sharing tears over mutual understanding of fading relationships
taking week-long holidays with those that grew to be fountains

moments you shared so recently that you hadn’t had time to remember them
until now
and seeing that smile immortalised in your mind
that smile you might never see again in person
and certainly not under the same circumstances

you start to feel blessed to even feel the first pain of separation
that separation will at least eventually lead to reconnection