by Cupid McCoy

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most of these songs came to me while living in the small town of Bourg-de-Visa, after a year in France. so much of my time living in Montpellier had me transfixed on actualising this dream of being a musician, and living among goats and a loving dog and a welcoming family made this dream possible. It allowed me to lay my head down and see these dreams and write them down and pick the melodies out of the clouds, and finally produce the three songs here. it was here that Cupid McCoy was born


all songs written, preformed, recorded, and mixed by Cupid McCoy


released November 11, 2016

so much love and gratitude towards Carlos, Tempi, Holly, Katheryn, Travis, Erlend, Anjelica, Mimi, Breeba, Egg, and the Vandersteen Family, all of you inspired me along the way to make this ever so possible ♡



all rights reserved


Cupid McCoy Richmond, Virginia

if stormy from pusheen made dream-pop


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Track Name: busy bee
you're always finding new ways
of buzzing round the nest
I find it enchanting
just to guess what comes next
something in your stripes sets you apart
from the rest

and you're such a busy bee
always finding new ways to impress me
and I'm such a grateful flower
To have such a busy bee just for an hour

I find your nectar so sweet
something in everything u do
Knocks me off my feet
you've got me on the edge of my seatt
bc this honey is so true
Track Name: moonbeam memories
i was open to the idea
from the start
didn't mean to
overused your heart
it’s not the way i planned
can i assume the same of you

skinny dipping in the river
getting high beneath the stars
moon beam memories
seen from afar

all those rides in the sunbeams
all those shows after dark
when did all those
cracks, begin to show
if you know let me know

sometimes it’s just
so much to take
even two in love
can make a mistake
Track Name: (not your) pot of gold
l always thought you had somewhere to be
You always talked about New York w/'w
and so I told u bought my plans for Quebec

And if and when that time comes
yea we might cry and feel some loss
But we'll still smile bc we know we're chasing our dreams

I used to think love was situational
But gee if I wasn't situated
to love all that summer

But I'm not your pot of gold
I'm not your light at the end of the tunnel
I'm just another part of your life
I'm not the love of your life

while paths intertwined for a while
and I'll admit you did make me smile
but there’s a 1 way ticket with your your on it

i see you doing big things
your eyes reflect all those big dreams
didn't you always tell me there's no better time

i know this ain't what you wanted to hear
just rather set it straight than have you live in fear
just know that what we had was real